sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

That's for you, inspirational thing; 05.11.11

Last time we met you had a funny moustache
and my nails would break so easily
from touching scats upon your face
and my fingers still hadn't met
their parents

they now use necklaces
well, everybody's a rebel those days
but what I really meant to say
was that you shouldn't dress like this if it ain't winter
or mention you were getting Cummings
while reading a bus

because once your goats ate me
and I've cut my hair without washing you out
since we no longer mess things up together
[but apparently, you still hadn't smoked all of your years]

mein lieber, once a girl fell from love
shall her skin grow and her pain rejoice
but last time we met wasn't all that long
ago, was it?

if it's my mind that you've always wanted
quit the part where you take my corpse to dinner
and live until your french is perfect
or you've forgotten
Oberst introduction to that selfish song

oh, selfish you,
next time we'll meet in graves
and my hands will keep on burning
while you nod

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